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Why Do Nutritionists Give Such Bad Advice?

I apologize if you are a nutritionist, but I have yet to meet one who hasn’t given the most ridiculous advice on healthy eating. Yesterday, I was watching a television show that got me particularly aggravated as a nutritionist was advising the American public on the fat-burning properties of a popular fast food restaurant’s breakfast sandwich.

Fat-burning? Really? How can this egg-sausage-biscuit made with processed cheese and white flour actually burn fat? Here’s where nutritionists so often miss the mark. He made this ludicrous and misleading statement on the basis that the cheese provided protein which would slow the metabolism of the carbohydrate and reduce the production of insulin thereby reducing fat storage. 

Now, in theory (as in a chemistry lab) this sounds great. But it is patently false. These fast food products are not and never have been, designed for human consumption. Just think about it for a minute. Whether you believe in god or nature, you are a natural being. You were not designed to consume something that was made in a factory, from chemical components and refined in a lab by scientists. This is just not what your body is looking for. And when you put these things in your body, it is going to react.

You are a natural being. And there are products of earth you were specifically designed to consume that are specifically designed to nourish you. Those are the foods your body wants. When you give your body those foods, it will function the way it was designed to. It will not have sugar highs, insulin spikes, excessive fat storage, heartburn and the numerous other ailments we suffer when we eat these manufactured products never meant for human consumption.

But, the problem is, these processed products are extremely addictive to the human body and brain. There is a reason for that. They are packed with sugar and salt. Sugar and salt have a specific and cyclical impact on the human body. When you consume sugar, your body will crave salt. Crave it. After you eat salt, you will next crave sugar. It’s unfair to you, because you literally cannot help these cravings. But if you know this is what is happening, you can break the cycle.

My advice? Don’t go for the processed cheese and congratulate yourself on eating “protein”. Don’t do that at all. And don’t ever quit these “foods” cold turkey. That’s so unfair to yourself and your body that has become completely addicted to these chemicals and additives. My advice is to slowly and gradually reduce, eliminate, and replace.

So, how does this work?

One method is to target one or two toxic foods to eliminate a week. But only eliminate them for 6 days. Allow yourself the 7th day to eat anything you want. This means that you are not giving up your “favorite” food forever, but only for 6 days. And don’t eliminate everything all at once. Every week, add one or two more to your blacklist. For example, if you eat a lot of potato chips and onion dip, you can start with just removing the onion dip. That’s it for week one! On day 7, allow yourself the onion dip. On week two, eliminate the potato chips as well.

In the meantime, you need to begin an earnest search for healthy foods you truly love. Healthy Eating

That same nutritionist was telling people to go ahead and eat fried chicken from a popular fast food restaurant but replace the creamy macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes with a disgusting pile of canned green beans. Are you kidding me? I love vegetables but I would rather eat styrofoam than that nasty pile of tasteless tubes. This is where so many people fail when they attempt to eat a healthy diet. They are presented with piles of poorly prepared, tasteless globs of “vegetables.” No one wants to eat something that tastes like a watery mess of chewed grass.

Food is supposed to taste good. The problem with processed food is that it is so heavily packed with super salts and sugars that you become accustomed to those flavors and everything else pales in comparison. As you slowly wean yourself off of these powerful additives, you will begin to discover other flavors like garlic, pepper, onion, olive oil, nutmeg, ginger, mustard, various cheeses and olives and you will actually love them.

Never sit down to a meal you hate.

You’ve got to work at this. You’ve got to learn what natural flavors are out there that you love. As the processed sugars and salts begin to leave your system, I promise you, you will begin to hate those flavors and will you find yourself craving the natural flavors your body was designed to enjoy.

I used to be able to crush a bag of chips and dip in one sitting. I could eat a whole box of store-bought cookies. They were delicious! They were irresistible! But when you eventually eliminate those chemicals from your system, not only do you not want those processed foods anymore, they actually become repulsive.

There becomes no more need for any sort of willpower whatsoever. Healthy, natural foods become delicious and what you truly desire. And eating becomes a normal part of life, almost boring at times, instead of a daily struggle.

If you are just starting to make a change, remember: be kind to yourself. No drastic changes. Small, gradual changes over time will create permanent results. And find new, healthy foods you love!

And seriously, there is no such thing as a fast food sandwich that burns fat.


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