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Cream Fudge or Clear Face? You Decide.

I love science. Research, data, proof, evidence. I rely on these sources to inform my decision-making every day. But sometimes a study will come out that gets me pretty heated. This is one of them:

Bittersweet News: Chocolate May Trigger Acne

I took the bait and read the article. Then I went to go read the study itself. I couldn’t find a free version. Apparently it’s still in publication. But what I did find out about it, I didn’t like at all.

First of all, they only used SEVEN PEOPLE in their study. What kind of research is that? That has got to be one of the smallest samples I’ve ever seen. They don’t state the age or gender of these people or their previous history of inflammation throughout the body, including breakouts. The study lasted for FOUR DAYS. Talk about limited data.

Next, they used chocolate that reportedly contained about 30% cocoa. What does that mean? What else was in the chocolate? What kind of chocolate are we talking about here? So many variables leaves so many unanswered questions.

Trader Joe's © 2013

Trader Joe’s © 2013

They go on to say that these are preliminary results. But they are already drawing conclusions? How can they possibly claim a link between chocolate and acne when there is so little data and so many unknowns? For example, if they used milk chocolate with a lot of sugar, could it not be the milk and sugar causing the increased inflammation? They reportedly admitted that further research is needed to clarify these issues. It seems to me that is blatantly obvious and the conclusions they have stated are wildly speculative, if not irresponsible and misleading.

This is not science.

I’m not even upset because I’m particularly on the side of chocolate. I’m only a fan of chocolate occasionally. I was obsessed with chocolate and ate it by the pound when I was nursing two babies. During the summer, I will sometimes get cravings for it again (can you say antioxidants anyone?)

But I’m a huge fan of good science. And this “study” at least at this point in the game, definitely doesn’t meet the definition of scientific research.

So, I will eat my chocolate when I darn well please without fearing a face full of pimples. No fudge for you! Next!



One thought on “Cream Fudge or Clear Face? You Decide.

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