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My Two Mothers: A Lesson in Forgiveness

For most of my life, I have had two mothers. My first mother, of course, was my biological mother. I lived with her until I was two years old. Not surprisingly, I don’t remember much of my early years with her. But I do remember some. After her, I met my second mother, who was … Continue reading

Use Your Words!

I started working with children when I was still a child myself. Early on, I began using this famous mantra when a child was having a tantrum or hitting or otherwise being socially unacceptable. It was a fairly common practice in childcare circles and schools. “We don’t hit, Timothy. Use your words.” It wasn’t until … Continue reading

Fearless Parenting

As soon as you make the call to friends and family that you are expecting a child, your world changes. Of course, you knew it would and hopefully, you are happy about this turn of events in your life. But whether you are or not, your course in life has taken a sudden and drastic … Continue reading

Have Fun on Your Date but Don’t You Cut Your Hair!

I’ve always been a weird mom. I’ve been the fun one who let my kids jump in puddles and play in mud but wouldn’t let them watch t.v. or play video games. We would go on road trips to nowhere and jump in a river but I wouldn’t let them have any toy guns. They … Continue reading

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