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The Ugly Truth About Depression

To this day, we still don’t like to talk about mental illness. We’ve gotten a lot better, for sure, but it’s still seen as a defect, character weakness or the potential to do harm. We are scared of it, we are scared of those with it, we don’t really want to know about it. The … Continue reading

Taking Care of You

We spend a lot time taking care of our kids, trying to be better parents, trying to run our household, trying to be good partners and good sons and daughters. We are constantly on the hunt for the next trick in shopping, cleaning, beauty, parenting, relationships, anything to make life go along just a little … Continue reading

My Two Mothers: A Lesson in Forgiveness

For most of my life, I have had two mothers. My first mother, of course, was my biological mother. I lived with her until I was two years old. Not surprisingly, I don’t remember much of my early years with her. But I do remember some. After her, I met my second mother, who was … Continue reading

Mean Moms

When I became a mom, it was a mixture of joy and terror. I was so happy to finally hold my baby in my arms but I was worried about so many things. I immediately set out to find new mommy support. I found support groups, went online, went to parks, went anywhere that I … Continue reading

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