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Why You Should Lie to Your Kids

I’m a big fan of honesty in relationships. I especially like to be honest with my kids because I want to have a close and genuine bond with them for life. Good relationships are built on trust and, of course, that requires honesty. But I was recently asked if it was ever appropriate to lie … Continue reading

The Ugly Truth About Depression

To this day, we still don’t like to talk about mental illness. We’ve gotten a lot better, for sure, but it’s still seen as a defect, character weakness or the potential to do harm. We are scared of it, we are scared of those with it, we don’t really want to know about it. The … Continue reading

Letterboxing: An International Treasure Hunt

Now that summer is here, many of us are stretching our imaginations to keep our kids engaged. Even more difficult than finding good ideas are good ideas that are affordable and seriously fun. My cousin told me once about this extremely unusual and ancient game called Letterboxing. When I looked into I was surprised I’d … Continue reading

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