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5 Easy Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat More Veggies

We are always talking about vegetables. How to get our kids to eat them more often? How to sneak them into our day? How to make them more delicious? Here are a few quick and easy tricks to get your kids to eat more veggies and you just might join them, too. 1. Add vegetables … Continue reading

Mediterranean Turkey Burger

Don’t put up with the same old burger. This one is packed with flavor! 1 turkey burger 1 slice provolone 2 Tbsp tahini sauce 2 Tbsp taziki sauce 2 pieces sliced dill pickle 2 slices tomato handful lettuce hamburger bun (gluten-free, if needed) Grill the burger to taste, melting the cheese on top. Toast the … Continue reading

Spicy Bacon and Cheese Turkey Burger

I just found the right combination of flavors and it was spectacular! Enjoy gluten-free like I do, or substitute with a whole grain roll. 1 Turkey burger 1 slice provolone cheese 1 slice cooked turkey bacon 1 Tbsp pure horseradish 1 Tbsp mayonnaise (optional) Hot peppers, canned or sautéed Lettuce Hamburger roll (for gluten-free, I highly … Continue reading

Hash Brown Pizza

We have a favorite Italian restaurant that our friends own that is absolutely amazing. They offer a pizza called the “Thinny Thin”. I decided to play around with that concept one day and came up with this. It’s not really pizza, but it’s really good. 1 c. cooked hash browns 1/4 c. shredded mozzarella cheese … Continue reading

Hot Peppers and Potatoes

6 Idaho potatoes 6-10 hot peppers of your choice 6-10 garlic cloves olive oil salt to taste This dish can be made in a variety of ways so feel free to experiment depending on your tolerance for heat, the size of your pan, and how crispy you want the potatoes. To start, slice the potatoes … Continue reading

Cheater’s Homemade Hummus

4 cans chickpeas, saving the water of two cans to adjust consistency 1 container of your favorite pre-made hummus Blend all chick peas first. Add pre-made hummus. No seasoning necessary. Saves money, time and calories!

Low-Fat Spinach Quesadilla

1 gluten-free tortilla 1 slice cheese of your choice or small amount of shredded cheese 1/2 bag of fresh spinach Spread the cheese on half of the tortilla. Top with as much spinach as you possibly can. Microwave on high until spinach wilts. Fold in half and enjoy this gluten-free, cheesy luxury!

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