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Breastfeeding is Natural and Other Lies You’ve Been Told

You are having a baby. The mixture of joy, fear and anticipation is like no other. When this is your first baby, the volume of research you conduct will make your degrees blush in shame. You will choose healthcare providers for yourself and your baby. You will lay out a birth plan. You will attend … Continue reading

Vine: Harmless Fun or a Parent’s Nightmare?

Vine was introduced a few months ago as the latest and greatest social media application. It’s a video-sharing service owned by and similar to, Twitter. I heard about it from my teenager as a fun new way to share videos with friends and the world. All videos are six-second loops. Sounds harmless, right? I downloaded … Continue reading

This Just In: Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism

Once again, the debate has been stirred over the possible link between vaccines and autism. There are firm believers on both sides of this argument, but I am not one them. I have yet to see any research to answer the many questions that swirl around the efficacy of vaccines or their safety. But this … Continue reading

Spicy Bacon and Cheese Turkey Burger

I just found the right combination of flavors and it was spectacular! Enjoy gluten-free like I do, or substitute with a whole grain roll. 1 Turkey burger 1 slice provolone cheese 1 slice cooked turkey bacon 1 Tbsp pure horseradish 1 Tbsp mayonnaise (optional) Hot peppers, canned or sautéed Lettuce Hamburger roll (for gluten-free, I highly … Continue reading

Use Your Words!

I started working with children when I was still a child myself. Early on, I began using this famous mantra when a child was having a tantrum or hitting or otherwise being socially unacceptable. It was a fairly common practice in childcare circles and schools. “We don’t hit, Timothy. Use your words.” It wasn’t until … Continue reading

Why You Should Tell the WHOLE Truth About Drugs

I’m a big believer in telling my kids the truth. Most of the time. I mean, I still lied about Santa and the Easter Bunny, but those were fun lies. And I don’t make big announcements about what’s going on in my bedroom at night. There are things that we need to lie about, want … Continue reading

Cream Fudge or Clear Face? You Decide.

I love science. Research, data, proof, evidence. I rely on these sources to inform my decision-making every day. But sometimes a study will come out that gets me pretty heated. This is one of them: Bittersweet News: Chocolate May Trigger Acne I took the bait and read the article. Then I went to go read … Continue reading

But Mom, That’s Private!

As kids get older, they begin to develop a concept of privacy. This typically occurs naturally and of its own accord. It’s appropriate, healthy and to be encouraged. However, absolute privacy, for any person living on my dime and in my home, will never be granted so long as I’m physically able to prevent it. … Continue reading

Controversy Alert: Where Should Baby Sleep?

I haven’t had kids in my bed for several years now. But this wasn’t always the case. I remember the days when my bed was full of people of all different sizes. And I was perfectly happy with that. I always intended to have my babies in my room. That just made sense to me. … Continue reading

Fearless Parenting

As soon as you make the call to friends and family that you are expecting a child, your world changes. Of course, you knew it would and hopefully, you are happy about this turn of events in your life. But whether you are or not, your course in life has taken a sudden and drastic … Continue reading

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